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Aims of the Assessment

ICAS Science aims to

  • Provide an opportunity for all students to gain a measure of their skills in Science in an external assessment situation
  • Monitor individual progress in a range of Science-based skills
  • Recognise and reward achievement at all levels
  • Provide students, parents and teachers with a comprehensive analysis of student performance

Features of ICAS Science

ICAS Science covers a wide variety of skills and processes that are an integral part of Science. Students’ skills in key scientific areas are assessed:

  • Observing and measuring – Noting and measuring features of items and phenomena
  • Interpreting data – Interpreting diagrams, tables and graphs
  • Applying data – Including inferring, predicting and concluding
  • Investigating – Experimental design, use of controls and notion of ‘fair test’
  • Higher-order skills – Including reasoning and problem solving

The papers test the application of these skills across all Science disciplines includes

  • Earth Science and Astronomy
  • Physics
  • Biology and Ecology
  • Chemistry

What is the standard of ICAS Science?

Questions early in the papers are designed so that the majority of students can answer them successfully.

The questions become progressively more challenging. Those towards the end of the paper are designed to provide the opportunity for the most able students to demonstrate a high level of skill.

Who can enter?

ICAS Science is open to all students from Std 2 to Upper 6.

Students should attempt the paper for the year level in which they are currently enrolled in Malaysian schools. If you are unsure about the appropriate paper for your students, please check out our Paper to year level equivalent or contact us for assistance.

Assessment Structure

Year LevelPaperQuestion BreakdownDuration
Std 2 Introductory 30 multiple choice 45 minutes
Std 3 A 30 multiple choice 45 minutes
Std 4 B 30 multiple choice 45 minutes
Std 5 C 35 multiple choice 55 minutes
Std 6 D 35 multiple choice 55 minutes
F1 E 40 multiple choice 1 hour
F2 F 40 multiple choice 1 hour
F3 G 40 multiple choice 1 hour
F4 H 40 multiple choice 1 hour