Digital Technologies

Dates and Fees

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Aims of the Assessment

ICAS Digital Technologies aims to:

  • Provide an opportunity for all students to gain a measure of their own achievement in an external assessment situation
  • Monitor individual progress in a range of subject-related skills
  • Recognise and reward achievement at all levels
  • Provide students, parents and teachers with a comprehensive analysis of student performance.

In today’s schools, all students are required to develop digital technologies that will be used across the curriculum, often referred to as computer literacy.

What does ICAS Digital Technologies test?

Competency at the level expected from a particular age group in these areas:

  • Common digital systems including hardware and software, operating systems, cloud computing and data representation.
  • Internet skills including use of search engines, emails, social media, online collaborative projects
  • Basic and advanced operations and formatting in word processing, use of tables, spreadsheets and databases
  • Simple presentations and multimedia
  • Common computer features and peripheral devices

Potential and aptitude in more demanding areas such as:

  • Tweaking, customising and making use of expert skills in software packages and operating systems
  • Programming principles and concepts which includes block-based coding, flowcharts, sequence, loops, pseudocode, algorithms and desk checking
  • Computer language skills
  • Use of operations to maintain and manage data and databases

Conditions of entry

ICAS Digital Technologies is open to all students from Std 3 to Form 4. Students should sit the paper for the Year in which they are currently enrolled in Malaysian schools. If you are unsure about the appropriate paper for your students, please check out our Paper to year level equivalent or contact us for assistance.

Assessment Structure

Year LevelPaperQuestion Breakdown Duration
Std 3 A 30 multiple choice 30 minutes
Std 4 B 30 multiple choice 30 minutes
Std 5 C 30 multiple choice 35 minutes
Std 6 D 30 multiple choice 35 minutes
F1 E 35 multiple choice 40 minutes
F2 F 35 multiple choice 40 minutes
F3 G 40 multiple choice 45 minutes
F4 H 40 multiple choice 45 minutes