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With ICAS schools & teachers get to :

participate in an International Competition

benchmark their students’ performance

develop students’ higher-order thinking skills (HOTS)

gain recognition and awards for their achievement

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1. What is ICAS?
ICAS is a multifaceted Competition and Assessment designed to evaluate higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills in English, Mathematics, Science, Writing, and Digital Technologies across age groups ranging from 8 to 17 (Primary 2 through Secondary 6).

2. How is ICAS conducted?
The competition will be administered within the school premises under the supervision of teachers. Students will participate by responding online, utilizing either school-provided devices or their own devices, including desktops, laptops, iPads, or tablets.

3. What is the syllabus?
The assessments are based on curricula for the relevant school year. Students are asked to demonstrate a deeper, integrated, and thorough level of knowledge for each subject. https://www.eats.com.my/icas/

4. How do I register for my school?
Please visit our site to register : https://www.eats.com.my/shop/

To inquire further please reach us at : +601135228119