With ICAS, you can help students learn, grow and reach their full potential. ICAS quality skills-based assessments give a deeper understanding of your students’ learning needs and standards in Digital Technologies, English, Mathematics, Science and Writing. Using ICAS assessment data, you can track the progress of student learning through each year level, build up strengths and target weaknesses. In this way, students are able to continually improve and move closer to achieving their personal best. Learn more…
For Parents
For Schools
Tools for ICAS Coordinator

For Parents

Parents can use the diagnostic report to discuss the students’ performance with teachers and thereby contribute to the development of an individual learning program for their child. Each student receives:
Engaging and challenging full-colour test booklet
Individual report containing detailed diagnostic data
Information about individual progress over time
Password to access their results online which can be viewed and downloaded
Award certificate indicating the achieved level of success
The diagnostic report provides valuable feedback to the students and parents. It indicates which questions the student has answered correctly, the skills demonstrated and the comparative difficulty of each question. Each student’s report shows:
The student’s answer to each question as well as the correct answer
The performance of each student in the different skill areas assessed
The progress of each student every year over the past eight years
The student’s comparative performance against the Malaysian region
The report containing detailed diagnostic data is particularly valuable for providing an independent result of assessment in specific Key Learning Areas for students at all levels of achievement. By participating in the competitions, students are better prepared for state-based tests. Students can also monitor their progress from year to year and gain valuable experience in sitting external tests. The student report and certificate can be used when applying for scholarships and jobs and when transferring to new schools.

For Schools


Each school receives a set of detailed statistical reports. The information from the school report enables teachers to:
Monitor and compare students performance in the school
Identify the areas for growth and revision within the school
Identify students with particular talents who are underachieving at school
Compare students’ performance with those in the rest of the state or country


Teachers can use the statistical reports to:
Monitor individual student’s progress
Modify their classroom activities to cater for the individual and/or group needs of their students

Tools for ICAS Coordinator

The following useful information will assist you in coordinating ICAS:

General Information



Administration Instructions for Coordinator

Notice: ICAS administration instructions will be available two weeks prior to each ICAS subject official assessment date.